Here's some of the technology we use to create the CGI marketing material for our clients.... it's an ever evolving list, we strive to be at the forefront of delivering the very best CG content for the very latest media gadgets.


Computer-Generated Visualisation is our core discipline. Working from anything from sketches to fully worked up CAD drawings, TIGERX creates photo-realistic images of anything. Our particular skill is to fully realise the vision, choosing just the right camera angle, just the right lighting conditions and just the right aspect ratio for the shot to capture the emotion behind the design intenet.


The natural progression from the still image. Animation can fully capture the mood, style and ethos of a project and most importantly be designed to appeal to just the right audience for your requirements. TIGERX have a proven track record in delivering unique and dynamic animation projects.


We've been creating Stereo 3D content for a number of years now...mainly becuse we love the glasses :) ... Our S3D work has been shown at Exhibitions, Promotional Events and in Cinemas. If you have a 3D TV and want to see our Stereo Showreel, get in touch.


We love a bit of Augmented Reality and have created several exhibition CG pieces for various clients. You can see bits of our AR for Senergy HERE, and below is a quick taster of how it works... if you want more info, or a demo, get in touch.


TIGERX create CGI-based Apps for any device. Recently created for Marina Port Vell, Barcelona, and showcased at the Monaco Yacht Show 2012, TIGERX created a pretty cool interactive berth-chooser App to run on the iPad3. The user can select a berth depending on vessel size, view that position from the bow of their boat, then go Quayside and look around the marina... all the time selecting different berths and choosing the density of the population of the marina. Check out the sample video below, if you want to know more, please get in touch.